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Wrestling Jokes

Looking for a good laugh? Look no further than our hilarious collection of wrestling jokes about your favorite celebrities! Whether you're a die-hard fan or just enjoy a good laugh, our silly and corny jokes are sure to entertain. From quotes to riddles to puns, we've got it all. So whether you're a wrestling fanatic or just looking for a good chuckle, come check out our collection of the best wrestling jokes around. Get ready to roll on the floor with laughter!

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Did you hear Finn Balor is a terrible golfer?
Did you hear Heath Slater's partner needed surgery to fix a broken nose?
Did you hear Seth Rollins had sexual relationships with Jerry Lawler, Harley Race, and King Mabel?
Did you hear that wrestling fans once voted for Ivan Putski to be suspended over a ring post?
Did you hear WWE almost gave Finn Balor a golfer gimmick?
Did you know Ms. Bonham-Carter was thrown off the roof of a steel cage?
How did Rusev become so fluent in his second language?
How did Steve Borden describe his pain when he stepped on a nail?
How does Kevin Steen sort his laundry?
How many TNA fans does it take to put up a lightbulb?
How many Vince McMahons does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

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If Kofi Kingston and The Dynamite Kid were a tag team what were their name be?
If Scott Steiner became a religious leader, what would his name be?
Jeff Hardy Wakes up in a suit, what's the first thing he hears?
Jericho, Hurricane and Matt Hardy are in the same car. Who will drive?
Rob Van Dam and Sabu get in a car. Who’s driving?
Want to hear a Wrestling joke?
What did a fan say when he saw Batista at a seafood restaurant?
What did Batista say when he was hit with a basketball?
What did CM Punk tell Adam Copeland when Copeland made a pass at him?
What did CM Punk tell Adam Copeland when he tried to feel him up?
What did Daniel Bryan say when Vince McMahon asked him if he wanted a job with WWE?
What did D’Von tell Bubba when they were working at McDonalds?
What did Kevin Nash say when he crashed his ATV?
What did Mick Foley say to the customer when she was all done bagging the groceries?
What did Mick Foley say to the snowman?
What did Steve Borden say when asked to go to karaoke?
What did Tazz say when Brock Lesnar's jet was landing?
What did Wade Barrett say about the puzzle piece?
What did Zack Ryder say when he was taught by a radio?
What do Carlito and Kurt Angle have in common?
What do you call a WWE wrestler who works at an ice cream shop?
What do you call David Otunga without the talent?
What do you call Eve on a vacation?
What do you call the Great Khali without talent?
What do you get when you go to Sean Waltman’s house during summer?
What does Awesome Kong have between her breasts that Gail Kim doesn’t?
What does Eddie Guerrero say when he misses his wife?
What does Jerry “The King” Lawler say everytime he goes to a funeral?
What does Jimmy say to Jey when he's not acting normal?
What does Owen Hart say everytime he goes to McDonalds?
What does Shawn Michaels look for in a woman?
What does the Legit Boss do when she needs to take care of her personal finances?
What is Adam Cole’s favorite part of a LakeLake?
What is Alberto Del Rio's favorite band?
What is Dwayne Johnson's favorite Nicolas Cage movie?
What is Rey's favorite cereal?
What is Stone Cold's favorite time of day?
What is the Rock's favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving?
What kind of horror movies does Bobby Roode prefer?

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