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Arnold Palmer Jokes

Looking for a good laugh? Look no further than our collection of Arnold Palmer jokes! Whether you're a fan, fanatic, follower, or just someone who loves a good celebrity joke, this collection is sure to tickle your funny bone. From silly one-liners to clever puns, we've got it all. So why not sit back, relax, and enjoy a few laughs at the expense of the legendary American professional golfer, Arnold Palmer? Jokes are fun, and this collection is no exception!

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Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods are playing the 16th hole, when Tiger's tee shot lands behind a huge, 100-foot fir tree. Tiger looks at Arnie and says, "How would you play this one? Lay up and take the extra stroke?"

Arnold replies: "When I was your age, I'd just play right over this tree."

Tiger, not wanting to be shown up by ol' Arnold Palmer, proceeds to hit the ball high, but not high enough. It bounces off the tree and lands out of bounds. Tiger, really ticked at this point, asks Arnold how he EVER hit a ball over that tree.

Arnold replied: "Well, when I was your age, that tree was only three feet tall.
During a Pro Am, Arnold Palmer's partner asked, "Well Arnold, what do you think of my game?"

"It's OK," said Arnie, "but I prefer golf!"
If the musicians, Ice T and Lemonade formed a band, what would it be called?
Jesus and Moses were playing golf one day. They arrived at a tough, 215-yard par three, all over water. Jesus had the honor and stepped up to the tee with a 4 iron. Moses tried to convince him that it wasn’t the right club, “That’s not enough club; you need at least a 4 wood.”

Jesus responded, “No, I saw Arnold Palmer play this hole the other day and he put a 4 iron five feet from the pin and sank the putt for a birdie.” Moses said, “I’m telling you, that’s not enough club!”

Jesus hit the ball into the water. He parted the water, walked out and got the ball, smoothed out the water and teed up again. Moses said, “I told you that was not enough club; you need at least a 4 wood.”

Jesus said, “This will be fine — remember what I said about Arnold Palmer.” Jesus hit the ball into the water one more time. As Moses looked on in disgust, Jesus got his ball and teed it up for yet another try.

About that time the next foursome was approaching the tee and one of the golfers in the new foursome said, “What’s he doing hitting a 4 iron on this hole? He needs at least a 4 wood. Who does he think he is, JESUS CHRIST?” “No,” replied Moses, “He thinks he’s Arnold Palmer!”
Lemonade and iced tea make an Arnold Palmer. What do you get when you Mix Lemonade with a tea bag?
Manager: "I'm sorry, Sir, we have no times open on the course today."
Golfer: "Wait a minute. What if Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus showed up? I'm sure you'd find a starting time for them."
Manager: "Of course we would, sir."
Golfer: "Well, I happen to know they're not coming, so we'll take their time."
Why did Arnold Palmer get beat up?

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