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Jay-Z Jokes

Looking for some laughs? Check out our hilarious collection of Jay-Z jokes! Whether you're a die-hard fan or just love celebrity humor, these jokes are sure to make you laugh out loud. From silly one-liners to clever puns and witty quotes, our collection has it all. So whether you're looking to brighten up your day or impress your friends with your comedic skills, browse our collection and find the perfect joke about the legendary rapper Jay-Z. Laughter is the best medicine, and we've got plenty to go around!

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Beyonce and Jay-Z decided to name their kid Bay-B.
I head Beyonce and Jay-Z's kid has everything... except a last name.
Jay-Z has a song for his daughter called glory. Glory spelled backwards is yrolg which means absolutely nothing, but I had you for a second.
What did Jay Z say when he called to break up with his girlfriend?
What did Jay Z say when his friend died?
What did Jay-Z call his wife before they got married?
What did the white woman say to the other white woman who confused Jay-Z for Lil Wayne?

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