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Paul Ryan Jokes

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Trump asks Putin for advice
Complaining about his failures, Trump asks Putin how he's so successful. Putin responds that he surrounds himself with clever people and calls in Sergei Lavrov to ask him:

"Sergei, your parents have a child who is neither your brother nor your sister, who is it?"

Lavrov thinks for a moment and answers: "it's me."

Impressed, Trump decides to ask Paul Ryan the same question. Stumped, Ryan says he needs sometime to consider the question.

The next day, after a particularly heated exchange with Nancy Pelosi, Ryan asks her: "if you're so smart, riddle me this: your parents have a child that isn't your brother or sister, who is it?" Pelosi shoots back, "well, obviously it's me."

The next time he sees Trump, Ryan proudly announces that he's solved the riddle and tells Trump: "well, obviously, it's Nancy Pelosi!"

Trump roars, "you idiot, this is why nothing gets done around here, it's not Pelosi, it's obviously Sergei Lavrov!"
What's it called when Obama and Paul Ryan meet up for dinner?

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