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Pablo Picasso Jokes

Are you ready to experience the art of laughter? Look no further than our collection of Pablo Picasso jokes! Whether you're a fan of cubism or just appreciate a good chuckle, this hilarious collection is sure to have you in stitches. Our assortment of silly, corny, and funny jokes about the legendary artist includes quotes, riddles, oneliners, and puns about his life and work. Perfect for fans, fanatics, followers, groupies, or anyone who loves amazing celebrity jokes, this collection is a must-read for anyone with a sense of humor. So come and join us for some artistic fun and laughter with our Pablo Picasso Jokes!

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I just got fired from my job in Museum.

They said they're not happy with my work here, which is ridiculous, i only worked here for 2 days and already sold 2 Picassos.
If Pablo Picasso was mexican, what would his name be?
Kanye West compares himself to Michelangelo, Picasso, Walt Disney, and Steve Jobs.
Apparently none of them could sing, either.
Pablo Picasso surprised a burglar at work in his new chateau. The intruder got away, but Picasso told the police he could do a rough sketch of what he looked like.

On the basis of his drawing, the police arrested a mother superior, the minister of finance, a washing machine, and the Eiffel tower.
What did Picasso and Smurfette have in common?
What do you call an artist with a brown finger?
What is Picasso's favorite gaming console?
When Einstein died and arrived at the gates of heaven, St. Peter wouldn’t let him in until he proved his identity. Einstein scribbled out a couple of his equations, and was admitted into paradise.

And when Picasso died, St. Peter asked, “How do I know you’re Picasso?” Picasso sketched out a couple of his masterpieces. St. Peter was convinced and let him in.

When George W. Bush died, he went to heaven and met the man at the gates.
“How can you prove to me you’re George W. Bush?” Saint Peter said.
Bush replied, “Well heck, I don’t know.”
St. Peter says, “Well, Albert Einstein showed me his equations and Picasso drew his famous pictures. What can you do to prove you’re George W. Bush?”
Bush replies, “Who are Albert Einstein and Picasso?”
St. Peter says, “It must be you, George, c’mon on in.”
Which farm animal is also a famous painter?
Who is the famous artist with brown fingers?
Who would win in a fist fight between Picasso and Dali?

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