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Thomas Edison Jokes

Looking for some electrifying humor? Look no further than our collection of Thomas Edison jokes! Whether you're a fan of the famous inventor or just love a good laugh, this collection of silly and corny jokes is sure to light up your day. Our jokes about Thomas Edison can range from puns to one-liners to clever quotes, all guaranteed to make you chuckle. So whether you're a history buff or just someone who loves a good joke, check out our collection of Thomas Edison jokes and see for yourself why laughter is the best medicine!

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Einstein and Tesla walked into a bar...
...but Edison walked into a pascal.
How did Thomas Edison invent the lightbulb?
If it wasn't for Thomas Alva Edison, we'd all be watching TV to the light of a candle.
It took years for Thomas Edison to perfect the light bulb...
But that's because he was working in the dark.
Tesla, Oscar Wilde, and Sherlock Holmes walk into a bar.

The punchline of this joke was patented and then hidden by Thomas Edison.
Thomas Edison was certainly one of history's greatest scientists.

If not for his invention, right now we would be using our computers by candlelight.
What did the student say after visiting the Thomas Edison Museum?
When Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb he threw a huge party
It was well lit
Why did the chicken cross the road according to Thomas Edison?
Why does Thomas Edison hate Ubisoft Montreal?
Why was Thomas Edison able to invent the light bulb?

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