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Bill Gates Jokes

Looking for a good laugh? You're in luck! Welcome to our collection of silly, corny and downright hilarious Bill Gates jokes. Whether you're a fan, fanatic, follower, groupie or just love a good celebrity joke, we've got you covered. Our collection of the best jokes about the co-founder of Microsoft will have you laughing out loud in no time. From witty one-liners and clever puns to hilarious quotes and riddles, our collection has it all. So come on in and let's get laughing! After all, who says tech giants can't be funny too?

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Bill Gates and Steve Jobs talk at a bar after a long day of gettin' money.

Bill: So I went to the bank yesterday to talk about a loan

Steve: What do you need a loan for?

Bill: Oh, I don't. The bank does.
Bill Gates has now donated enough money to charity that he lost his billionaire status. He now goes by Mill Gates.
Bill Gates is having a conversation with Paul Allen.
Bill: "How come Bing failed?"
Paul: "Well, let me Goo..."
Bill: "Never mind."
Bill Gates now richer than Jeff he can look down on Amazon from his Windows!
Bill Gates once asked Chuck Norris to be his personal body guard for an hour, he couldn't afford it...
Bill Gates walks into a bar and everyone inside becomes a millionaire...on average.
Breaking News: Bill Gates has agreed to pay for Trump's wall On the condition he gets to install windows.
Did you hear Steve Jobs tried to enter the pearly Gates?
How did Bill Gates come up with the name for his company, "Microsoft"?
How does Bill Gates count to ten?
How soft is Bill Gate's pillow?

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I heard that Bill Gates's wedding night will be less than blissful for his new bride. She will find out why his company is named Microsoft.
Little Johnny is on an airplane with Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and the Pope...

The airplane is shot out of Russian airspace and is about to crash. There are 4 passengers on board, but only 3 parachutes. One of them will be left behind on the plane when it crashes.

Bill Gates says, "I am Bill Gates, one of the founders of Microsoft. My devices are used by people across the globe, and I donate billions of dollars to charity. I can't afford to die." So, he takes the first pack and jumps out of the plane.

Donald Trump says, "I am the one, the only, the Donald Trump. I am the US President, and I am the smartest President in American history. It's true, believe me. My people don't want me to die, so I'm taking this parachute." Then he snatches the second pack and jumps out of the plane.

The Pope turns to Little Johnny and says, "My son, I am old and don't have many years left, you have more years ahead so I will sacrifice my life and let you have the last parachute."

Little Johnny turns down the offer and says, "That's okay, Your Holiness, there's enough parachutes for both of us. The President just jumped out with my backpack..."
Steve jobs and Bill Gates colonize Mars. What do they call the planet?
There are five people on a plane that's crashing. There is the pilot, Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and a big, fat lady and four parachutes. The pilot jumps out and yells, ''God bless me!'' Bill Gates jumps out and yells, ''God bless me and my bank account!'' Michael Jordan jumps out and yells, ''God bless me and my team!'' Wayne Gretzky jumps out and yells, ''God bless me and the New York Rangers!'' The big, fat lady jumps out without a parachute and yells, ''God bless me and the people I land on!''
What did Bill Gates wife say to him on their wedding night?
What do Bill Gates and Bill Clinton have in common?
What do Bill Gates and Elon Musk have in common?
What does Bill Gates say when he dislikes something?
What shirt size does Bill Gates wear?
Why Bill Gates should lead the team to find the Corona Virus cure?
Why did Steve Jobs hate arguments with Bill Gates?
Why does Bill Gates make for a terrible medical expert?
Yo mamma is so fat, Bill Gates became broke after buying her dinner.
Yo' Mama is so stupid, she thinks Bill Gates is another name for toll booths.

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