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Joe Biden Jokes

Get ready to laugh out loud with our amazing collection of Joe Biden jokes! Whether you're a fan, fanatic, follower, or just someone who loves a good celebrity joke, you won't want to miss out on these silly, corny, and downright hilarious jokes. Our carefully curated selection of jokes includes the very best of Joe Biden humor, from witty one-liners to clever puns and tricky riddles. And of course, we've got all the most memorable quotes from the current President of the United States to tickle your funny bone. So why waste your time with boring jokes when you can experience the absolute best in Joe Biden humor? Come on over and join the fun – because everyone knows that jokes are the best medicine for a good laugh!

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Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are in a plane crash. Who survives?
Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton are in a boat, and the boat sinks. Who is saved?
President Obama said today he is sticking with Joe Biden. Which means one of two things – either he thinks Biden is doing a good job or Hillary said no.
Jay Leno
What do Joe Biden and Russia have in common?
What’s Joe Biden’s favorite arcade game?
Why did Senator Joe Biden lose his voice on the campaign trail?
Why is Joe Biden not behind Greta Thunberg?
Why shouldn’t buy the Joe Biden action figure?
You know the Obama campaign’s in trouble when they’re looking to Joe Biden to turn things around.
David Letterman

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