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North Korea Jokes

Looking for a unique and hilarious way to poke fun at North Korea? Look no further than our collection of silly, corny, and funny North Korea jokes! This collection is perfect for all celebrity lovers, fans, fanatics, followers, and groupies who enjoy a good laugh. Our best North Korea jokes will leave you rolling on the floor with laughter, and may even include clever quotes, riddles, oneliners, and puns about this infamous country. So why not add some humor to your day and check out our collection of North Korea jokes? After all, jokes are fun!

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People in North Korea who have the same name as Kim Jong Un are being ordered to change their name. Now everyone has the choice of either Khloe or Kourtney Jong Un. That’s your choice.
There's a rumour that North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un is dead. But personally, I think he's just Kim Jong Un-well
What do North Korea and Matthew McConaughey have in common?

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