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Napoleon Bonaparte Jokes

Looking for a laugh? Look no further than our hilarious collection of Napoleon Bonaparte jokes! Whether you're a history buff or just a fan of silly humor, you're sure to love these corny and funny jokes. Our collection includes the best jokes, quotes, riddles, oneliners, and puns about the famous French military commander and political leader who rose to prominence during the French Revolution and led successful campaigns during the Revolutionary Wars. So whether you're a fan, fanatic, follower, groupie, or just someone who loves awesome celebrity jokes, come and check out our collection of Napoleon Bonaparte jokes. Jokes are always fun, but they're even better when they're about a historical figure as legendary as Napoleon Bonaparte!

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A young boy was talking to his friend about his family: " My great-grandfather fought against Napoleon, my grandfather fought against the English, my father fought against the Americans and my uncle against the Argentinians.“ The friend replied: " It seems that your family can’t get along with anybody!”
Did Napoleon design his own jacket?
Did you hear that Napoleon died in an explosion?
How do you call Napoleon when he's undecided?
In which battle did Napoleon die?
Someone asked me if I could tell them what nationality napoleon was?
What did Napoleon become when he was 41 years old?
What did Napoleon do?
What did Napoleon say when he arrived at the banquet?
What do you call a dictator who hit puberty?
What do you call a Japanese version of Napoleon?

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What do you call a shocked dictator?
What do you call a skeleton who conquers Europe?
What do you call Napoleon after he stepped on a land mine?
What does Adolf Hitler, Napoleon and Lance Armstrong have in common?
What happened to Napoleon when he got struck by a cannon ball?
What happened when Napoleon went to Mount Olive?
What's the saddest thing to come out of Russia at Christmas?
Where does Napoleon keep his armies?
Why did Napoleon lose against the trigonometric functions?
Why did Napoleon stop masturbating?
Why didn't Napoleon eat chicken legs?
Why doesn't anyone know about Napoleon's siblings?
Why don't you ever hear about napoleons brother?
You know what Popeye and Napoleon have in common?

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