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Neil Armstrong Jokes

Looking for a laugh? Look no further than our collection of silly, corny, and funny jokes about the legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong! From his famous moon landing to his personal life, this collection is sure to make you chuckle. Perfect for fans, fanatics, followers, and groupies, as well as anyone who loves hilarious celebrity jokes. Our collection includes jokes, one-liners, puns, and even some riddles, all sure to keep you entertained. So, why not take a break from reality and explore the humorous side of one of history's greatest icons? Jokes are always fun, especially when they involve the man who took "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"!

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Apparently Neil Armstrong use to tell unfunny jokes about the Moon, and followed them up with "Ah, I guess you had to be there."
Do you think Neil was tired after flying to the Moon?
How did Neil Armstrong get a haircut on the moon?
Neil Armstrong used to tell really bad jokes about walking on the Moon.

When nobody laughed he would follow with, "Ah well. I guess you had to be there."
What did Neil Armstrong do after getting caught harrassing a woman?
What do you call Neil Armstrong's alarm clock?
What does Adolf Hitler, Napoleon and Lance Armstrong have in common?
What is Neil Armstrong's favorite key on the keyboard?
Where did Neil Armstrong go when he landed on the moon?
Why did Neil Armstrong get to set foot on the moon before Buzz Aldrin?
Yo mamma's so fat her baby picture was taken by Neil Armstrong.

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