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Spider-man Jokes

Looking for a web of laughter? Look no further than our collection of Spider-man jokes! Whether you're a die-hard fan or just love a good joke, this hilarious collection is sure to have you climbing the walls with laughter. From silly one-liners to clever puns, these jokes are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. So swing into action and check out the best Spider-man jokes around!

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Did you hear that Spider-Man made himself a winter jacket out of Greek bread?
Spider-man can crawl on walls and ceilings, Chuck Norris can crawl on water.
What brand of rice does Spider-Man eat?
What do Spider-Man and Metallica have in common?
What do you call the Greek version of Spider-Man?
What do you get when you cross Iron Man with Spiderman?
What is Spiderman's day job?
What is Spiderman's favorite day?
Where's Spider-Man's home page?
Why is Spiderman a really good baseball player?
Why should Spiderman join the swim team?

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