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Jay Gatsby Jokes

Get ready to party like it's the Roaring Twenties with this collection of silly, corny and funny Jay Gatsby jokes! Fans, fanatics, followers, groupies, and anyone who loves awesome celebrity jokes will love this hilarious collection of the best quips, one-liners, and puns about the iconic literary character. You'll find everything from quotes and riddles to irreverent jokes about Gatsby's lavish parties and over-the-top lifestyle. Whether you're a fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel or just love a good laugh, these jokes are sure to make you smile. So put on your flapper dress or pinstripe suit, grab a cocktail, and get ready to laugh your way back to the Jazz Age with these hilarious Jay Gatsby jokes!

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I forgot who wrote The Great Gatsby so I asked my English teacher...
What did Scott Fitzgerald ever do to him?
It's a pity they didn't cast Ryan Reynolds as Jay Gatsby since he's both the green lantern and deadpool.
Jay Gatsby's car was a real hit with the ladies.
Nice guys always finish last or in Gatsby's case, in a pool!
What did Gatsby say about baseball?
What did Jay Gatsby say when Myrtle got hit by a car?
What is it called when Gatsby crosses the street?
Who is Jay Gatsby's favorite comic book character?

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