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Tennis Jokes

Looking for a hilarious collection of tennis jokes that will have you and your friends laughing out loud? Look no further! Our collection of silly, corny, and funny tennis jokes is perfect for anyone who loves the sport, as well as fans of celebrity athletes. From clever puns to witty one-liners, these jokes are sure to serve up some laughs. Whether you're a seasoned tennis player or just enjoy watching the pros, our collection of the best tennis jokes will keep you entertained for hours. So, grab your racket and get ready to hit some laughs with our hilarious tennis jokes!

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Anna Kournikova is apparently dating singer Enrique Iglesias. You hear this? Said in the paper he had three tennis courts installed in his house so that she could practice. And today she said, 'Practice, what's that?'"
Jay Leno
Chuck Norris is the only man to ever defeat a brick wall in a game of tennis.
How do you know your playing a tennis match with Charlie Sheen?
How do you know your playing a tennis match with Whitney Houston?
If Bruno Mars married Venus Williams on Earth, do you think they'd have a Sun?
The Tennis Player's Prayer
Please don't let me be so nervous
When I toss the ball for service.

Give me speed and strength unhaulting,
Aces and no double-faulting.

Instill in me the skill and dash
Of Agassiie, Williams, Roddick and Ashe.

When a high lob starts to fall,
Must I always miss the ball?

Lord, I know you could, I'm sure,
Find me a Tennis Elbow cure.

With the guidance from above,
Never let me fall in 'love.'

And, Lord, while on matters of this sort
Please let me find an open court!!
Sean Connery is standing at your door, wearing white shorts and a white shirt and holding a racket. What time is it?
What do you call a girl who plays tennis on her knees?
What do you call a tennis match between Helen Keller and Stevie Wonder?
What is the definition of endless love?
What time does Andy Murray got to bed?

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