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Katy Perry Jokes

Looking for a good laugh? You're in the right place! This hilarious collection of Katy Perry jokes is perfect for fans, fanatics, followers, groupies, and anyone who loves to laugh at hilarious celebrity jokes. You'll find all the best one-liners, puns, riddles, and quotes about the pop superstar. Whether you're a die-hard Katy Perry fan or just looking for some good old-fashioned humor, this collection is sure to tickle your funny bone. So why wait? Dive in and get ready to laugh out loud!

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Katy Perry has a pet cat, what does she name it?
Katy Perry sang that after a hurricane comes a rainbow, but you know what else comes after a hurricane?
So there were a lot of celebrities at the DNC including Alicia Keys and Katy Perry. Hillary was excited because they are on her iPod.
Bill was excited because they were on his to-do list.
Well it's official I'm engaged. Someone just needs to let Katy Perry know so we can get the date set.
What's the difference between Katy Perry and Dan Quayle?
Whats the best thing Orlando Bloom's ever been in?
Which celebrity is the best at fencing?
Who's the most famous fruit singer?

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